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Carol is a first-generation child born in the United States with immigrant parents from Taiwan. She grew up experiencing the freedom of the American culture along with the deep rooted traditions of the Chinese culture, speaking both English and Taiwanese and was both Presbyterian and Buddhist. This unconventional upbringing has given her a unique perspective on how she views the world. Observing these vast differences allowed insight to various viewpoints and has shaped how she navigates her businesses and relationships. Being female in her culture and a child of the US with all its privileges, Carol was caught amid the clashing of two cultures and had to learn how to accept and integrate them both into her life.

Carol’s childhood greatly influenced the person she is today, from the innate sense of duty and responsibility to being accepting of all mindsets and backgrounds. The role as “big sister” to a large extended family taught her that understanding and compassion could greatly overcome all odds and has instilled a solid foundation of core ethics and values she incorporates in all aspects of her life. Undeterred by the limiting the beliefs and the duty placed upon her in her younger years, she went from her studies in pre-med to changing her major to business once her mother passed away, realizing that it was not her “calling.” Taking a chance, she went down her bucket list to discover a passion for motorcycles and it has since become her life’s work.

In 2012 she started MotoVixens LLC, a motorcycle track day organization. It was with a mission to be inclusive of all riders regardless of their gender, race and religion and without discrimination of the types of bikes they ride. MotoVixens focuses on education, safety, community and camaraderie and ensuring the preservation of the sport. In championing women in motorcycling and other industries, it is her desire to give them access without barriers and provide mentorship to help them succeed.

Carol is the mother of two boys, Christopher and Kevin. In her years in business, she has been a model, actress, stuntwoman, author, TedX speaker, voice over actor, racer, podcaster, hosted a reality show, has signature lines of products, is the Founder of MotoVixens, as well as Selenion Strategy Group, the Managing partner for Iron Dog Media and partner of The Amani Resorts and The Business Ethics & Education Commission and an Azure Printed Homes, Inc. Investor.  She continues to champion women in every industry seeking opportunities to help others, elevate their lives, and encourage them to continue the trend of giving back.  "We are all in this together and together we can make a difference."



In 2011 successful entrepreneur, model, actress, and motorcycle/race enthusiast; Carol Carpenter found herself at a crossroads. Although she had achieved success in many fields and ventures, she found herself feeling somewhat unhappy and unfulfilled. Realizing that it was never too late to follow her dreams, Carol decided to leave her comfort zone and venture into the unknown in pursuit of her passion. As a result, in 2012 MotoVixens was founded. This new and fresh enterprise would serve as a resource for motorcycle and racing enthusiasts which would ultimately prove to be a catapult for Carol to inspire women and riders across the globe. 

As a female rider, Carol was constantly faced with unique challenges and she consistently sought out ways to tear down paradigms in the sport while overcoming limiting beliefs. This was so riders and enthusiasts could completely focus on the enjoyment of the experience. Carol immediately started developing relationships with dealerships, manufacturers, as well as local businesses and it, suddenly became clear to her that others, not just women, could benefit from collaborating together without initial knowledge of the sport. Through collaboration and building lasting relationships, those involved could further promote and grow their businesses with success.

In 2013, MotoVixens collaborated with Ducati Bellevue to host track days with a dedicated session for women riders which was met great success. In order to expand their reach, MotoVixens began their own track days in 2014 with the goal of hiring elite coaches. This fundamental change would allow men, women, and young riders the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry at their local tracks allowing riders to pursue their passion without having the added expense of traveling and renting equipment. In 2015, MotoVixens partnered with Jason Pridmore of JP43 Training. This world-renowned racer, having won multiple championships is respected within the industry as the riding coach. Jason also serves as the current announcer for MotoAmerica. MotoVixens special events include Jason's current MotoAmerica riders as coaches which provide the ultimate learning experience.

Today, Carol has become an influential figure in the motorcycle industry and focuses her time on giving back to the sport she holds so close to her heart. Through sponsorship, she continues to help riders, racers, and others to find their passion and to fulfill their dreams.


MotoVixens - Work Hard, Race Harder

MotoVixens - Work Hard, Race Harder, has gained the interest of several networks and has already garnered commitment from one or more networks. Available on ASYTV...


Why should you hire Carol for your next speaking event?​

Carol Carpenter is a powerful and charismatic professional speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who has inspired countless individuals around the world. In addition to the valuable and energizing insights she brings to any business environment, Carol is also passionate about empowering women.

As the founder MotoVixens and an inspiration to many, Carol provides the information, tools, and resources to help women recharge and reconnect to themselves and their dreams. She leads powerful, engaging, and entertaining events that help women to break barriers, get the results they want, and write the next fulfilling and joyful chapters of their lives.

Carols Topics Cover the Following Themes:​

1. Re-ignite her passion for life
2. Connect to her purpose, clarify her life goals and vision for success
3. Awaken the inner strength and self-esteem to reach for her dreams
4. Learn to set healthy boundaries and give and receive without guilt or resentment
5. Create an action plan for positive change and success
6. Get the structured support for personal and business growth
7. Gain the courage to overcome her obstacles and create a life she loves



In order to take your company to the next level, sometimes you need a different perspective. Carol Carpenter provides that perspective with extensive experience as an entrepreneur, actress, model, and racer. She has helped many athletes and entrepreneurs achieve success. She works closely with entrepreneurs, racing enthusiasts, and athletes, motivating them to increase their level of action and reach their full potential. As a female minority in a sport dominated by men, Carol is an experienced outsider, with a unique perspective.

Her powerful real-world knowledge and life message can turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage and get audiences to do the impossible. Carol knows what it takes to navigate change at the highest level and how to identify opportunity in the toughest of times. She will inspire you to move from reacting to change to driving it.

Since TEDx is a global movement devoted to bringing value and ideas to communities around the globe, Carol was an ideal fit, and this powerful collaboration is sure to be in a city near you.







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Vixen's character was based on Carol's real life experience of fighting injustices, overcoming adversities, helping others and making a positive impact in the world. The Viceroy, Red Phoenix and Vixen tirelessly fight for, educate and help others knowing together we can create an environment where we all can thrive.




Author of Amazon Bestseller

The Elegant Disruptor

Carol is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and philanthropist. Her unconventional upbringing has given her a unique insight on how she views the world. As a first-generation child born in the United States with immigrant parents from Taiwan, Carol grew up experiencing both cultures, speaking both English and Taiwanese and active as both Presbyterian and Buddhist. Experiencing these vast differences allowed insight to various viewpoints and perspectives.

Undeterred by limiting beliefs and the duty placed upon her in her younger years, she went from her studies in pre-med to changing her major to business once her mother passed away and realizing that it was not her “calling.” Taking a chance, she went down her bucket list to discover a passion with motorcycles and it has since become her life’s work.

Today, Carol is championing women in the motorcycle industry and in life. It is her desire to give them access without barriers and provide mentorship to help them succeed.

This Elegant Disruptor will not only inspire you but motivate you to start your own journey towards peace, prosperity, and true happiness. It’s never too late.







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  1. So Carol, we know that you are not only an entrepreneur, but have had success as an actress, a stunt woman, speaker, you're a philanthropist, the list goes on and on. Before we get into all that, tell us a little bit about yourself and where you're from?
  2. Do you think your upbringing has largely affected how you approach business and the person you've become?
  3. Now, you were studying to be a doctor, tell us how you went from wanting to practice medicine to a racing enthusiast?
  4. Once you caught the bug for racing, how long did it take before you decided you wanted to turn it into a business and what prompted that decision?
  5. Today, you have made an incredible impact in the world of racing and continue to be an inspiration to many. Tell us a little bit about your long-term vision in regards to the sport?
  6. You also run Iron Dog Media and Selenion Strategy Group, do you plan on opening more companies?
  7. I know that you are passionate about speaking and getting your message out to empower other women. What message do you want your audiences to take away?
  8. Tell us about your upcoming show Elegant Disruptor, what is the premise of this show?
  9. Most successful people such as yourself started off by observing and following the examples of others. Who are your heroes?
  10. Carol, do you have any words of advice for our viewers/listeners who are out there feeling inspired by your story?
  11. If our viewers/listeners want to learn more about you or want to follow your success, where can they get more info?
  12. With all of the success you're currently having I can't imagine that you will slow down anytime soon. What's next for Carol Carpenter?

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